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The University of Bradford is one of only six Rotary Peace Centres in the world

2002 saw the establishment of the Rotary International Studies Centre in Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University, with the arrival of the first 12 postgraduate students from eight countries. Class I members came from Argentina, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the United States, many of them with extensive experience of working in areas in conflict.

The Centre at Bradford is one of six that have been established by the Rotary Foundation. Other centres are in Japan, Australia, Sweden, Thailand and the USA. Initially the scheme was for six years but the whole programme has since become permanent . In all, some seventy students each year are being selected from hundreds of candidates world-wide.

Rotary's hope is that the programme will add substantially to the number of people qualifed in the areas of conflict resolution and peacebuilding , who may then go on to work for the UN, NGOs and governments, providing both expertise and experience in areas in conflict.

One of the major events for each Class is the annual Seminar on the last Saturday in October. This has become a major showcase for the programme for Rotarians and others from all over the UK, and some from further afield. The Seminar is dedicated to the memory of Bill Huntley. To learn more, and to book, follow the links at the top of the page.

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Several of the past and present Peace Fellows keep blogs. We will put links to any that we know about, on Fellows' individual web pages. Please let us know of any we have missed. Thank you.